Resource Withdrawn (2014)

This website is remaining live in order to give schools an overview of what ORISON UK (an organisation that was based in London UK) used to provide for schools. Over the last few years this set of ideas and methods have been made open source via and therefore widely delivered by local teams connected with local churches across the UK. In response to this ORISON UK has disbanded and those that wish to see a resource of this kind come to their school are advised to contact their local churches or the Prayer Spaces in Schools website to ask for a contact in their region. Present bookings are being completed but no new bookings are being received.

What is written below is for reference and interest....


Part of the purpose of Orison is to resource and equip schools, teachers, schoolsworkers and others to teach effectively on the subject of prayer and spirituality and to create interactive and workable experiences for children and young people to use to explore their own spirituality and beliefs.

All of the components of an Orison prayer space are available for free download at the Resource Toolkit. Each resource comes as a pdf with information on how to run the activity, all the equipment you'll need, some hints and tips and any printable material you'll need, including instruction cards, images and quotes.

As we've said, the resources are absolutely free to download; we want to make this as easy as possible. All we ask is that if you do use any of the resources you let us know - that way, we can be praying for you when you use them, and that afterwards, you go back to and leave feedback. This will help us to continue to develop resources for school prayer space use in the future.



If you are looking to purchase a bubble tube, we get our large ones from here or smaller ones here.

We also supply large mounted posters of Big Hands with a dry wipe surface. These are £39 (including VAT and 3-5 day delivery) and can be bought from our parent charity's website at . In Orison they are used for children to write their name on with instructions that explained that the Bible says the God "has written your name on the palms of his hands" (picture below)

We can offer advice on where to get equipment if you are buying items for your prayer space, just ask us.



Orison is part of the 24-7Prayer UK Schools team - a network of people who are involved in running prayer spaces in schools. If you're thinking of starting a prayer space in a school yourself, the Schools Team offer a great information pack to help you get started. If you're already running prayer spaces in schools, the team would love to hear from you, to share experiences and support and encourage one another. Contact for more information. is a fantastic resource for schoolsworkers, youthworkers and anyone interested in working alongside education today. As well as hosting the Orison resources, offers lesson plans, assemblies, information on handling current affairs and media issues with children and young people and a place to connect with other schoolsworkers to share experiences and ideas.


 Breathe is a resource commissioned by Dare2Engage for use as part of a spiritual development curriculum for 16-19 year olds, offering an interactive experience which will engage, challenge and stretch older teenagers' thinking regarding their own spirituality and faith.



 The Sophia Network is a network for women in Christian leadership and youth ministry, offering training sessions, resources, support and the opportunity to meet like-minded women in your area, as well as an award-winning blog keeping you up to date with relevant issues in the media.




 Orison is a project of the Grassroots Trust, which, as well as supporting Orison, is involved in a number of projects around the world, including child sponsorship and community support in Africa and India, club-worker outreach in Tenerife and Cyprus, prayer walking and various other activities





There are also some great bloggers out there who are keeping record of prayer spaces in schools:

Tim Abbott runs Sanctum in Colchester

Phil Togwell works for 24-7Prayer and runs prayer spaces in schools

Joe Knight and his team create prayer spaces in schools in Gloucester