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May 26

orison at jubilee international high school, addlestone

Posted by Rach Warwick in zones, secondary, bubble tube

Last week Orison visited Jubilee International High School in Addlestone, Surrey, running a  Prayer Space in their theatre.

Oct 26

feedback from orison at salesian rc high school, chertsey

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary, resources

The kit is all back in its boxes, the team are tired but happy (well, I am - and I hope the rest are too!) and the pupils have left school in the distant past and are concentrating on half term.

We spent last week running an Orison prayer space at Salesian High School in Chertsey. Here are just some of the comments and stories from the week.

Oct 30

staff feedback from salesian

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary, feedback

On behalf of the Head and all the Leadership Team, can I just say a huge thank you for the amazing prayer experience that you have given us as staff, parents and for the students. It will have a totally transformational effect for many people. Your dedication, hard work and witness to your faith is awe-inspiring. We are so appreciative of all that you have done for our school community, for all the unsociable hours, for the energy and strength you’ve injected to our spiritual life. Thank you so much, God bless,

Deputy Head Teacher, Salesian RC School, Chertsey

Nov 18

more feedback from salesian

Posted by Rach Warwick in thank you, secondary, feedback

Since our week at Salesian RC High School in Chertsey we've received this letter from headteacher, James Kibble

Feb 23

orison at st peter’s rc high school, guildford - days 1&2

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary

We're having a great week at St Peter's in Guildford.

We've seen 247 pupils over the past couple of days for several amazing sessions in the prayer space.

It's really simple, and nothing to do with us as a team. We invite them in, explain what's happening and then (mostly) leave them to explore the area and the resources for themselves.

Highlights so far include:

Feb 25

orison at st peter’s rc high school, guildford - day 4

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary, prayers, bubble tube

The prayers on the bubble tube reveal the depths of what's going through these young people's minds.

    that when my mum drinks, she won't get aggressive towards me.
    that my grandad will survive his operation
    that my grandma will finally agree to come and live near us
    help my two friends who are really struggling
    can you please help me get some money before Sunday
    take away her pain please lord
    why does things like this happen? Make it better
    how long will it take for me to learn how to listen to your amazing voice?
    please may you tell me why I am unique
    I wish my mum would listen to me more. I also wish that I could spend more time with her in the week, not just at weekends
    help me to forgive as readily as you have forgiven me
    help me to get over what has happened in my life and help me find out what is wrong with me

These are just a small sample of what's written on the hundreds of post-it notes in here every day. It's an amazing privilege to be able to offer space for these kids to think through this stuff, in a safe place .

Mar 10

Report from St Peter’s RC High School, Guildford

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary

Following our week at St Peter's, this report was published in their termly newsletter. You can read the report below, or download the newsletter from the school website.


Jun 16

Kings of Wessex School, Cheddar

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary

The prayer space is a converted geography classroom. RE classes from years 9 and 10 visit the space. The bubble tube and surrounding chill-out zone is in the middle, with Sorry, Image and World zones around the edge. As the room is smaller than we've had in the past, the classes come in half-groups for half a lesson, while the rest of the pupils spend the time in the classroom discussing the questions they would like to ask God, and then the ways in which he might answer. We've also welcomed visiting year 3 and 4 classes from local first schools.

Jun 19

prayers and questions

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary, qusetions, prayers

Here are some of the prayers and questions written by pupils visiting the Orison room at Kings of Wessex School, Cheddar

Dec 12

St Margaret’s Girls’ School, Bushey

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary

Here's a report from St Margaret's Girls' School in Bushey:

Mar 21

The Littlehampton Academy

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary

Orison's second Celebrating RE Month event was a week at The Littlehampton Academy. We worked with the Chaplain at the school, as well as a fantastic team of volunteers, including Jon Jolly who writes about the week on his blog:

Sep 26

Jubilee International High School, Addlestone

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary

Last week Orison returned to Jubilee International High School in Addlestone for a second week in their drama studio.

Here are some photographs of the feedback graffiti wall that the students left their thoughts on at the end of each session.

Oct 01

Burlington Danes Academy

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary

Orison was invited to Burlington Danes Academy by the chaplain as part of a focus week hosted by the local church. Set up in the glass atrium at the end of the school's new building, the space contained the usual four zones (forgiveness, world, image and the bubble zone) and was visited by pupils from across the school.

May 30

Back at The Littlehampton Academy

Posted by Becky in secondary

Jon Jolly has been involved in the latest prayer space at The Littlehampton Academy, and writes on his blog:

" I previously blogged about the first prayer space we ran in the school last year, and this was a very similar experience. We again used the resources from Orison, to create an interactive experience encouraging people to engage with prayer using creative, hands on activities. It was set up in the school hall and the young people were guided through four different zones exploring specific prayer-related themes in each one as part of their RE lesson.

Jun 20

Running a permanent prayer space: the experience of a school chaplain

Posted by Becky in secondary

Ruth Scott, Chaplain at a Surrey School, approached Orison at the beginning of the academic year while she was preparing to set up a permanent prayer space in the school chapel. She now writes:

My school is a Church of England voluntary-aided comprehensive. When I became Chaplain I learnt very quickly that despite the faith basis of the school the majority of my students had little interest in formal religious expression. After Year 7 even those who attend a place of worship generally prefer that affiliation to be kept private.

Does this mean my students aren’t interested in questions about what it is to be human and to live in today’s world? Far from it! They are full of questions. While traditional religious services hold little attraction for them they value symbols and rituals specifically geared to their needs and understanding. This is where Orison has been such a help.

Sep 07

‘Fairy Lights and Sand Trays: Tools for Spirituality?’

Posted by Becky in secondary, resources, primary, conferences

What have fairy lights and sand trays got to do with spirituality?