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Oct 26

feedback from orison at salesian rc high school, chertsey

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary, resources

The kit is all back in its boxes, the team are tired but happy (well, I am - and I hope the rest are too!) and the pupils have left school in the distant past and are concentrating on half term.

We spent last week running an Orison prayer space at Salesian High School in Chertsey. Here are just some of the comments and stories from the week.

Mar 17

orison at pilgrim’s way school, farnham

Posted by Rach Warwick in resources, primary

We've just finished 2.5 days at Pilgrim's Way Primary School in Farnham - 8 great sessions with every year group from year 6 down to two nursery classes, with busy, chaotic lunchtime sessions in between. Lots of fun, plenty of opportunity for children to experience prayer in their own school context.

Mar 28

New resources written by year 6 at Potters Gate CE Primary, Farnham

Posted by Rach Warwick in resources, primary, outdoor

Orison returned to Potters Gate Primary School in Farnham for the fourth time, and the second time outside on the field. Set up day was generously sunny but sadly the weather didn't hold. The pupils weren't put off by the rain and enjoyed the resources in the tents anyway. This time we tried two new resources that were written by some children from year 6.


Sep 07

‘Fairy Lights and Sand Trays: Tools for Spirituality?’

Posted by Becky in secondary, resources, primary, conferences

What have fairy lights and sand trays got to do with spirituality?