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Dec 12

St Margaret’s Girls’ School, Bushey

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary

Here's a report from St Margaret's Girls' School in Bushey:

Oct 11

Hale Primary School, Farnham

Posted by Rach Warwick in

This was a good one. Another good partnership between a school, FAST (a team who organise volunteers from the local church to serve in primary schools) and those of us who are running orison in Farnham.

Aug 09

Soul Survivor

Posted by Rach Warwick in conferences

Tomorrow we're off to Shepton Mallett to set up the prayer spaces at Soul Survivor. If you're there, come and find us in the Furnace and the Toolshed...

Jul 01

Potters Gate, Farnham

Posted by Rach Warwick in primary

This week, Orison is back at Potters Gate Primary School in Farnham.

Jun 19

prayers and questions

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary, qusetions, prayers

Here are some of the prayers and questions written by pupils visiting the Orison room at Kings of Wessex School, Cheddar