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Jun 20

Running a permanent prayer space: the experience of a school chaplain

Posted by Becky in secondary

Ruth Scott, Chaplain at a Surrey School, approached Orison at the beginning of the academic year while she was preparing to set up a permanent prayer space in the school chapel. She now writes:

My school is a Church of England voluntary-aided comprehensive. When I became Chaplain I learnt very quickly that despite the faith basis of the school the majority of my students had little interest in formal religious expression. After Year 7 even those who attend a place of worship generally prefer that affiliation to be kept private.

Does this mean my students aren’t interested in questions about what it is to be human and to live in today’s world? Far from it! They are full of questions. While traditional religious services hold little attraction for them they value symbols and rituals specifically geared to their needs and understanding. This is where Orison has been such a help.