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Mar 26

orison profiled on the EA website

Posted by Rach Warwick in press

Anita joined us on our last day at Pilgrim's Way school and then went back to the Evangelical Alliance press office and wrote up her experience of Orison. You can find the article here.

Mar 17

orison at pilgrim’s way school, farnham

Posted by Rach Warwick in resources, primary

We've just finished 2.5 days at Pilgrim's Way Primary School in Farnham - 8 great sessions with every year group from year 6 down to two nursery classes, with busy, chaotic lunchtime sessions in between. Lots of fun, plenty of opportunity for children to experience prayer in their own school context.

Mar 17

prayer spaces in schools

Posted by Rach Warwick in prayer spaces in schools

Rach Warwick, who coordinates Orison, is very excited about how many prayer spaces are now happening in schools. She is now part of a coalition that meet to discuss how to share the idea with others. Another member of that group is Phil Togwell of 24/7Prayer. He has just posted this on his blog! It is a report of an orison like space at a secondary school in North London this week.

Also this week, Rach and others are leading orison in Pilgrims Way Primary School in Farnham. This is part of an ongoing programme with the Farnham Assemblies and Schools Team to run Orison in all the local primary schools that will invite them over the next year or so. It has been a wonderful week and both children and staff have been talking about the impact on their lives of having the prayer space on site.

Mar 10

Report from St Peter’s RC High School, Guildford

Posted by Rach Warwick in secondary

Following our week at St Peter's, this report was published in their termly newsletter. You can read the report below, or download the newsletter from the school website.